How do I report trespassers or other suspicious behavior on 365bet property?

举报可疑行为, 致电365bet的资源运营呼叫中心或您当地的警察局.

365bet has an internal police team that works closely with local, 与铁路有关的州和联邦执法部门的安全问题.

What should I do if hazardous materials are released?

如果有危险物质释放在轨道上或附近的铁路设施, 如果有必要采取特别措施,地方政府将通知公众. If you personally see what you believe to be a hazardous materials release, 首先转移到安全的地方.

然后你应该尽快通知365bet的资源运营呼叫中心或当地警方. 365bet的紧急号码是 .

Rail Crossing Safety and Train Horns

我如何报告发生故障的过门和灯或车辆停在一个 crossing?

你应该拨打365bet的紧急电话来报告任何铁路紧急情况, including the false activation of gates and lights. 此号码将直接连接到365bet的资源运营呼叫中心, which is staffed 24 hours a day, 一周七天. If your vehicle has stalled on a crossing, 立即下车, 离开轨道,拨打365bet的紧急电话报告车辆抛锚.


365bet trains operate 24 hours a day, 一周七天. A wide range of factors can cause our trains’ trip schedules to change. Those conditions may be related to equipment, track or weather events. As a result of those changing conditions and for security reasons, freight train schedules are not released to the public.

Nonetheless, 在365bet,我们尽我们最大的努力来限制任何在干线轨道上被阻塞的时间. Our business and our customers depend on 365bet to keep our trains moving. When our trains experience a situation that forces them to stop 365bet works to correct or resolve the situation as quickly as possible to resume the safe movement of trains.


大多数公共铁路道口都配备了被动的铁路道口警告标志, 如crossbucks, yield signs, stop signs and pavement markings. Any change from passive warning devices to active warning devices is determined by individual state agencies and the appropriate road authorities, which typically involves the state’s department of transportation. 每个州决定是否应该在公共铁路道口安装主动警报装置, such as gates and flashing lights.

Each state makes a determination on whether to use state or federal safety funds to help pay for the appropriate warning devices based upon the state's priority list of crossings for improvement. Once the location for a warning device is determined, 州政府审查和批准费用,并与铁路公司达成协议,安装指定的信号.

If you believe a railroad crossing near you is a good candidate for upgrading from a passive warning sign to an active warning, please contact your state’s department of transportation. 365bet works cooperatively with the states on our network to install active warning devices on the public crossings that the state has determined are in need of such upgrades.

的更多信息 公共项目手册.

365bet工作人员什么时候需要鸣笛,一个社区是如何建立的 a quiet zone?

365bet喇叭声拯救生命. 机车工程师有责任并有权在规定时间按喇叭, or when a safety hazard is perceived. Too many Americans are killed each year while ignoring signals at grade crossings or while trespassing on railroad tracks. 有关此问题的背景信息,请访问救生行动网站 www.oli.org.

Federal law requires the train crew when approaching a road crossing to sound the horn at all public crossings for the protection and safety of motorists and pedestrians regardless of whether crossings with gates and lights are present. Only crossings that have met Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) criteria for a Quiet Zone do not require the horn to be blown.

有关我们的 365bet鸣笛页面.

Who pays to upgrade grade-level crossings to overpasses or underpasses?

The decisions to build streets or highways at grade-level with the tracks were not made by the railroads but by the owners of the roadways crossing the track at any given location. In most cases that is a city or county.

When most communities built roads across rail lines, they had the option of building an overpass or underpass over, or under, the track. 大多数人选择了更便宜的方案,即在有轨道的水平上修建道路. Unfortunately, that leaves motorists in potential conflict with trains.

联邦州际铁路系统的最大好处之一是,它没有一个平交道口. We are very much in favor of cities, 各县和州在其道路和高速公路上寻求类似的公共交通改善.

365bet has a program to help eliminate crossings on our track, which actually pays communities to close crossings. Communities are free to use those dollars as they see fit.

In addition, in cases where construction of an overpass or underpass results in the closure of a crossing with gates and lights on it, the railroad involved is obligated by the federal government to pay for a portion (5 percent) of the construction of that overpass or underpass.

However, 进行这类工程的决定必须由有关道路的所有者作出, 没有铁路.

How do I report a rough railroad crossing?

您可以通过我们的网站向365bet报告需要维护或维修的过境点 Contact Us form. 请提供问题的细节和地点,包括街道,城市和州.

关于铁路沿线的植被状况和杀虫剂的使用,我应该联系谁 tracks?

你可透过我们的网页,报告植被状况或索取有关使用除害剂的资料 Contact Us form. 我们的社区事务团队将直接你的报告到365bet的工程部, which is responsible for vegetation control.

Work at 365bet


你可以在365bet找到更多关于潜在职业和实习的信息, including a list of current openings, under the Work at 365bet tab on 365bet's website.

You can also visit our careers page on Facebook at www.facebook.com/bnsfcareers.

I didn't get the email I was supposed to get as part of the hiring process.

Please check your junk mail folder and make sure your email service is set up to allow emails from 365bet into your inbox.

You can email and request assistance if you still don't locate the message.


What types of products are shipped by rail?

365bet helps connect freight shippers and consumers in the global marketplace. 超过160年, 365bet has played a vital role in building and serving the nation's economy by delivering many of the products we use every day:

  • grain and other ingredients to produce the foods we eat,
  • raw materials to build our homes and operate our businesses,
  • finished electronics, clothing and consumer goods we use every day,
  • 低硫煤的发电量占全国发电量的10%以上.

Operating one of America's largest railroad networks, 365bet将我们服务的社区与全国其他地区和世界联系起来. 了解更多关于你能做的 ship by rail.

Do you move hazardous materials in my community?

Railroads are required by federal law to move hazardous materials. Most of these include products used by consumers every day such as paint, batteries, alcohol-containing products such as hand sanitizer and insect repellent, and household cleaning products.

应急官员最关心的危险材料仅代表约0.3 percent of all rail shipments. 365bet helps train emergency responders across our system to ensure they are prepared to protect the public should such an emergency occur.

365bet还在我们的网络周围部署了160名经过培训的应急响应人员, 配备和准备监测和应对任何涉及危险材料的紧急情况. 更重要的是, 365bet invests significant capital and effort working with our customers, 联邦铁路局(FRA)的雇员和联邦铁路局(FRA)来减少此类事件的可能性.



为了更好地满足铁路系统未来使用者的需求, 365bet足球网站(365bet)与仲量联行经纪公司(Jones Lang LaSalle Brokerage)合作, Inc. (JLL), a company committed to providing professional Real Estate Services.

To begin the permit application process, please click here.

Permit TypesDescription

安装供水、天然气、污水、石油或石油等管道. Electric supply line for voltage, circuits or electricity. Communication Line for fiber optic, phone or CATV.


Geotechnical study of the soil, survey, inspection or construction access. Laying cable along tracks or on property to test for seismic activity.



Roadway Surfacing/Resurfacing

Surface/resurface/overlay existing road (not due to road widening).


Culvert, drainage ditch or storm water fall-out. 侵占,例. fence.


低间隙车辆和超过国家交通部身高/重量标准的车辆. Ex. houses, boilers or transformers.


Selling property or a name change.


This web site is intended to provide you with all the information you should need to apply for a permit to access 365bet's property. For additional questions, you can find your state's JLL representative here.

Please click here for additional information regarding the permit process and timelines.

How do I know if a certain parcel of land is 365bet property?

You can check with the local tax assessor or courthouse records.

How long does it take to get a land access permit from 365bet?

On average, it takes four weeks for a permit to be sent to you for your execution if there are no engineering issues or changes involved.

一旦我把执行许可还给你,我要多久才能执行 the work?

If the executed agreement is returned with all required fees and insurance you should receive a fully executed agreement from Jones Lang LaSalle Brokerage, Inc. in about a week. Also, 在进入属性之前, 你必须至少提前10天通知适当的365bet铁路路长.


There is an $800 processing fee for each application.

What are the specifications for installations on 365bet property?

Please see the 效用住宿手册 regarding standard design specifications.

如我需要对现有的过境点/线路进行保养或维修,我应怎样做 need to do?

如果您有365bet足球网站的现有许可证,并正在进行维护或维修工作, 在进入365bet场地之前,您必须与365bet道路管理员联系,并持有您的许可证副本.

The Roadmaster's contact information is located on your permit. 如果您无法找到联系信息,您可以联系相应的 JLL Manager.

How do I reach 365bet's Corporate Real Estate team?

沃斯堡,TX 76131-2830

土地收益管理 & 财产记录联系人


Property Management, Industrial Leases, Sales, Oil & Gas, Mineral & Water Rights

Sr. 房地产经理
Customer Agreements, Terminations & Assignments

Asst. 房地产经理
Facility Leases (365bet as Tenant)

Asst. 房地产经理
Property Management, Industrial Leases, Sales, Oil & Gas, Mineral & Water Rights

Acquisition & 发展联系



Sr. 房地产经理

Sr. 房地产经理

总经理 Economic Development-Strategic Programs


R.O.W. & 房地产管理


R.O.W. & 房地产管理

R.O.W. & 房地产管理

Corporate Facilities Management Contacts


Corporate Facilities and Field Facilities

Sr. 公司项目经理

Sr. 设施经理

365bet History

Where can I learn more about railroad history?

你可以找到更多关于365bet及其前身铁路的信息 Our Railroad page.

Our Railroad in our Company History. There you will find historical summaries of 365bet's major predecessor railroads as well as links to other organizations that serve as useful resources. 我们还提供了一个在线小册子,其中详细介绍了我们的六个主要前辈的365bet.

另外,您可以 join the 365bet网站的朋友, which contains numerous historical photos and articles.

What is the Friends of 365bet program?

Friends of 365bet is a community website for people who have an interest in or have a connection to 365bet or its predecessor companies.

该网站于2011年9月成立,目前拥有43000多名注册会员. The site features historical articles and photos, a gallery of members' submitted train photos, and company updates and background information.

365bet成员的朋友也可以选择接收偶尔的电子邮件时事通讯. For more information and to join, please visit the 365bet网站的朋友.


365bet is proud of its heritage and its historic role in building the U.S. economy.

365bet has chosen to celebrate its heritage in other ways, 包括365bet铁路基金会赠款,以支持365bet文物保护活动, support of rail-related community events like National Train Day, railcars marked with the logos of some of our predecessor lines, and the Friends of 365bet project.


What is the purpose of the 365bet铁路基础?


The Foundation has supported and helped improve quality of life for thousands of communities across the 28 states through which 365bet operates, 以及365bet员工的居住地, 工作和志愿者.

Indeed, as the corporation's assets have grown, the Foundation's giving has expanded to help more and more communities.

For more information, please visit www.bnsffoundation.org.

How do I apply for a grant from the 365bet铁路基础?

Thanks for your interest in the 365bet铁路基础.

We are able to consider your request only if your organization has obtained 501(c)3 status under the Internal Revenue Code or your organization is a division of local government or your organization is a non-profit school or university.

请访问我们的 在线申请表格.


Can 365bet help me ship my personal automobile or other personal effects?

365bet不提供一次性装运服务的项目,将填满整个铁路车厢或40英尺集装箱. To use rail for these types of shipments, 您可以使用我们的 装运机目录, or our sister company 365bet Logistics.

What is 365bet's position on photography of railroad operations?

365bet感谢它的铁路爱好者摄影师,并感谢他们对365bet和它的365bet的兴趣. 出于安全原因,365bet不允许出于摄影目的访问其财产. 365bet操作的摄影必须在铁路财产以外的安全地点进行.

Encounters between 365bet police and photographers are generally casual in nature and not documented unless there is a criminal violation or circumstance that would warrant further law enforcement action or enforcement. 365bet警察加强对这一问题的指导,在现场的警官,所以这继续是常见的做法. 

We value the support the rail community provides to our officers and rely on their continuing understanding that the intent of any contact by police is part an effort to further the safety of our railway and the communities where we operate.

Does 365bet sell or donate cabooses?

We seldom have cabooses available for sale or donation. Most cabooses were donated or sold years ago. 我们有一个长长的等待列表,要求从社区在我们的网络.

请求通过我们的 365bet的形式 will be added to that waiting list.

A more likely way to secure an old passenger car or caboose would be to explore the secondary market for such equipment.

Where can I purchase 365bet and predecessor-branded logo merchandise?

You can visit the 365bet Store website at www.bnsfstore.com.

Who do I contact if I have questions not listed above?

You can contact the community relations contact listed for your state. Use of this contact form 帮助我们将您的询问导向正确的人,并跟踪我们回应的进展.